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Beachtennis trainings in The Hague

  • The ultimate sports experience on the beach
  • For everyone, both beginners and advanced 
  • Training on the most beautiful courts of Scheveningen
  • Top trainers and fun groups
  • Part of our community

Beachtennis training at Beachclinics

Can't wait to hit the sand either? Then we have good news for you! In April we are organizing separate classes that you can sign up for and enjoy the summer on the beautiful beach of Scheveningen.

And that's not all! This season you can enjoy all the benefits of our subscription and participate in the training sessions that take place at Beach Stadium in Scheveningen. Train on professional fields with top trainers and enjoy the fun atmosphere we create at Beachclinics.

From Monday to Thursday you can train between 18:00 and 21:00 and afterwards have a drink with your fellow beach tennis players. What are you waiting for? Register quickly and make this season your best Beachtennis season ever!


Train how you want!


Discover our Beachtennis memberships with unlimited access to our professional courts and many more benefits. Check below for more information.
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Own group

Would you like to train with your own group? Of course you can! Just indicate your preference for the day and time and we will get back to you personally to confirm this for you!
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Single Lesson

Discover if Beachtennis is for you with our individual lessons. Our professional trainers will make sure you leave the beach feeling fulfilled. See you on the beach!
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Consession card

With our strip card, you have the flexibility to choose when you want to train. Purchase a number of classes and decide when you want to take them! Simple and fast!
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A customized subscription!

"Easy" Beach

Per month
  • Free play when fields are available
  • Discounts on tournaments and events
  • Part of our community

"Interested" Beach

Per month
  • Free play when fields are available
  • Discounts on tournaments and events
  • Part of our community
  • Training once a week (Mon-Thurs) at Beach Stadium led by a top coach

"Fanatic" Beach

Per month
  • Free play when fields are available
  • Discounts on tournaments and events
  • Part of our community
  • Training twice a week (Mon-Thurs) at Beach Stadium led by a top coach
  • 1 free participation in a Beachclinics tournament once a month

Beachtennis training in the summer!

Playing beachtennis is only really fun when you do it on the beach! That is why we offer beachtennis training from Monday, May 8 until Thursday, August 25 (16 weeks) at Beach Stadium and Hartbeach in Scheveningen. From Monday to Thursday between 18:00 and 21:00 you can join us to learn how to play beachtennis where beachtennis belongs: on the beach!

Our professional trainers will have you playing beachtennis in no time. Don't miss this opportunity and sign up for our summer training now!

Explore the possibilities at Beachclinics

Summer block

  • In a block of 16 weeks you will work with your coach to improve your skills.
  • A group consists of a maximum of 6 players.
  • Single lesson

    • Workout whenever you want!
    • Schedule it easily and quickly
    • Led by top trainers

    Consession card | 10 credits

    • Lots of benefits
    • Train whenever you want!
    • Quick and easy field booking via our app
    • Use the credits for what you want!

    The League

    Teams can participate in a ladder tournament-style league for eight weeks, competing to become champions in their category. The league offers both mixed and doubles tournaments on Monday and Wednesday nights, with levels for beginners to advanced. All for a one-time fee of only 30 euros! Members of Beachclinics with a monthly subscription can participate immediately!

    Own Group?

    Would you like to train and work on your beachtennis skills with your own group of friends weekly for 1,5 hours? At Beachclinics we offer the possibility to register as a fixed group for our beachtennis training. With a fixed group you decide who joins and you choose a day and time that suits you best. And all that for a fixed price of only 960 euros. Sign up now and get the most out of your beachtennis training!

    Private training

    Discover the benefits of our private beachtennis training! Improve your skills and strategy with one of our top trainers. You will get an hour of personal attention and may even bring someone (max. 4 people) with you. All this for only 59 euros!

    Contact us?

    We hope we've been able to get you excited about Beachtennis at Beachclinics! Do you still have questions? Then take a look at our frequently asked questions or feel free to email us at or fill out the contact form. We are ready to help you further and can't wait to welcome you to the beach this summer!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do the beachtennis practices continue during the (school) vacations?

    The beachtennis practices run as usual during the (school) vacations!

    Are there workouts during the holidays?

    Training will continue during holidays unless, of course, otherwise communicated within the group.

    Is it possible to take a trial lesson?

    Of course! You can sign up for a free trial class here.

    I'm not so sure which level to sign up for?

    Contact us at and together we will try to make the best estimate possible. Switching levels is always another option.

    Suppose I miss a workout...

    Of course we prefer to have you there every week. Of course it can happen that you get injured and cannot be there for several weeks. In that case we will look together for a suitable solution.

    Where do the beachtennis training sessions take place?

    The beachtennis trainings take place at Beach Stadium and Hartbeach in Scheveningen. The address is strandweg 4, 2508 DH in The Hague.